Generative AI for Math: MathPile

1Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, 3Nanjing University of Science and Technology, 4Generative AI Research Lab (GAIR)

🚀 Brief Introduction

High-quality, large-scale corpora are the cornerstone of building powerful foundation models. In this work, we introduce MathPile a diverse and high-quality math-centric corpus comprising about 9.5 billion tokens. our work is significantly different from the previous work in the following characteristics:

  • Math-centric: MathPile uniquely caters to the math domain, unlike general domain-focused corpora like Pile and RedPajama, or multilingual-focused ones like ROOTS and The Stack. While there are math-centric corpora, they're often either closed-sourced, like Google's Minerva and OpenAI's MathMix, or lack diversity, such as ProofPile and OpenWebMath.
  • Diversity: MathPile draws from a wide range of sources: Textbooks (including lecture notes), arXiv, Wikipedia, ProofWiki, StackExchange, and Web Pages. It encompasses mathematical content suitable for K-12, college, postgraduate levels, and math competitions. This diversity is a first, especially with our release of a significant collection of high-quality textbooks (~0.19B tokens).
  • High-Quality: We adhered to the principle of less is more, firmly believing in the supremacy of data quality over quantity, even in the pre-training phase. Our meticulous data collection and processing efforts included a complex suite of preprocessing, prefiltering, cleaning, filtering, and deduplication, ensuring the high quality of our corpus.
  • Data Documentation: To enhance transparency, we've extensively documented MathPile. This includes a dataset sheet (see Table 5 in our paper) and quality annotations for web-sourced documents, like language identification scores and symbol-to-word ratios. This gives users flexibility to tailor the data to their needs. We've also performed data contamination detection to eliminate duplicates from benchmark test sets like MATH and MMLU-STEM.

We hope our MathPile can help to enhance the mathematical reasoning abilities of language models. See our paper for more technical details.

👊Statements & License

These invaluable corpora are the culmination of human intellect and should be utilized for the betterment of humanity, aiding in the improvement of human life. We strongly urge all users to refrain from using our corpus for any activities that may harm national or social security or violate the law.

We have done our utmost to ensure the high quality and lawful use of the data. However, unforeseen issues may still arise, including but not limited to data security concerns and any risks or problems stemming from misuse. We shall not be held responsible for any such issues.

If the source data of MathPile is governed by a license more restrictive than BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, MathPile adheres to that stricter licensing. In all other cases, it operates under the BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. We also plan to release a commercially usable version of the dataset soon.


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